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Keeping Workplace Information Secure


Keeping Workplace Information Secure

The progression of technology in the workplace has resulted in several new hurdles for employers. The challenge of keeping workplace information secure is a very real one for employers, with technological developments often outpacing business response. Do you know who can access information in your workplace? What type of information is this and how are employees using it? As ways of accessing and distributing information multiply, employers need to readdress questions about data security that once had simpler answers.

What is the Risk?

Having an outdated workplace security policy can result in anyone with physical or digital access to your workplace misusing your valuable workplace information. This may be used to the commercial advantage of another business and may undermine your intellectual property right in the information. Information which might be accessed includes client details, company pricing structure, financial records, marketing strategies, creative works and designs.

The misuse of client details can have serious implications for a business. If information is released that a client thought was secure, the client may feel that their trust has been betrayed and take their business elsewhere. An extreme example of this occurred at the beginning of this year when a security breach resulted in the personal information, including credit card details,of 77 million PlayStation accounts being accessed by a hacker. Sony faced legal action and its reputation was severely damaged by the incident.

How Can You Protect Your Business?

There are several ways that you can prevent potentially damaging access to workplace information. The possibility of passwords being misused can be limited by preventing employees from using overly simple passwords (such as birthdays or names of spouses) and by requiring that employees change their password frequently.

It is important to put in place, and inform staff of, policies relating to computer and internet use.Seeking sound IT advice will provide you with options for keeping workplace information secure. You may wish to purchase devices which can monitor activity on your company network and restrict what information each employee can access according to how important it is for their job.

An important part of keeping information safe is remaining aware of changes in technology which could potentially widen information access. By staying alert, you can prevent digital storage of information becoming the Achilles heel of your workplace.


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