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We discussed bullying in an article not so long ago, and workplaces continue to be fraught with bullies and their victims. Thus, we continue our quest to help employers and employees recognise bullying behaviour and deal with it appropriately.

Team-building - work hard, play hard! #winners

 Weight bias and discrimination has the potential to become the new racism. Are you an “obesist”? Or a “fatist” (as they like to call it in my office)?...

In the past few months the newspapers have been inundated with stories of workplace accidents where employers have been ordered to fork out tens of thousands in fines and compensation...

 You need to find a quiet place to finish some urgent work, where do you go?  A library (where the man next to you sniffs, coughs and turns the page rhythmically)? A cafe (with the play group mums gossiping over screaming children to one side and the “chink chink chink psssshhhhhhhttt” coffee making on another)? You do it late at night, early in the morning, on the commute?... (click here)



Lessons from Ron Burgundy – dealing with workplace bullies

Freddie Shapp: “You’re on the 2 AM to 5 AM slot.”

Ron Burgundy: “What? That’s the graveyard shift!”

Brick Tamland: “I ain’t afraid of no ghost!”

It may take more than a ghost to scare Brick, he’s one tough guy, but he doesn’t cope 

so well when it comes to bullies... read more

The results are out…and shock horror; legal eagles aren’t top of the trusted tables in New Zealand. That said, we must be doing something right as we have soared our way from a dodgy 36th to a (slightly) more respectable 28th in the 2012 New Zealand’s Most Trusted Professions list. Read more...

 We were surprised at Buckett Law by the recent suggestion that there would be an abundance of people prepared to take hung-over days as ‘sick days’ and that this would be accepted readily by employers. Read more...

As of 1 April 2011 all new employees can be subject to a 90 day trial period. This allows an employer to terminate an employment relationship within the first 90 days without reason and without risk. Read more...

As we have seen with the Ports of Auckland dispute, changing an employee’s legal status to ‘casual’ can have severe consequences, both legal and personal. This article will hopefully clarify what it means to shift a full or part time employee into a casual position. Read more...

 As many businesses in Wellington will realise, fines from the Department of Labour for breaches of the Health and Safety in Employment Act 1992 (HSEA) have been steadily increasing over the past 10 years. This is especially true of the first four months of 2012. Read more...

 While MFAT trims the fat from its Ministry in staff cuts which have been described in leaked cables as ‘Armageddon like’, employees have allegedly been advised to ‘pray, do yoga or get a pet’ to help cope with the  turmoil. Read more...

We are excited to announce the launch of our brand spanking new Blog, Twitter, Linkedin and Facebook pages. Read more...

 The recent Kim Dotcom saga has placed the issue of illegal downloading back in the media spotlight. Although the Megaupload case involved a global business that allegedly facilitated millions of illegal downloads per day, the issue of illegal downloading has implications much closer to home or indeed the workplace. 


The recent suspension of domestic and international flights by Qantas in an attempt to halt industrial action raises questions regarding the obligation of employers to consult with workers ahead of an impending lockout.

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 As ways of accessing and distributing information multiply, employers need to readdress questions about data security that once had simpler answers.

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Migrant workers are being exploited by employers as ‘Visa hostages’.

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 The recent craze of planking has created a few headaches for employers as well as taking social networking sites by storm.

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Once upon a time ‘a days pay for a days work’ applied to daylight hours only; however after the Court of Appeal’s decision in Idea Services Ltd v Dickson, this is all going to change.

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