BuckettLaw Assists Unfairly Dismissed Worker

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The Employment Relations Authority has awarded Ms. Jones $20,000 in compensation and $13,036 in lost wages having found her to have been unfairly dismissed and unjustifiably disadvantaged. Without any forewarning her employer sought to slash her hours almost in half in the context of a “take it or leave it” offer. The employer failed to obtain Ms. Jones’ consent to vary her hours of work, a core term of her employment, nor did the change follow a fair restructuring process by consulting with her about any proposed structural changes. This breach by the employer was sufficiently serious to render the dismissal unlawful.

BuckettLaw represented Ms. Jones in the proceedings – we are ecstatic that Ms. Jones has obtained a fair outcome for what has been a long and at times stressful journey. Although litigation should always be treated as a last resort, generally speaking, it is often the only avenue one can pursue if they have been unable to reach a settlement with the other party and hope to receive a financial remedy.

Has your employer tried to change your core terms of employment (hours, place of work, remuneration etc) without notice and consultation or without your consent? Do you feel you have been unfairly dismissed or disadvantaged in your employment by an action of your employer? Are you an employer needing to reduce hours of work or make structural changes to your business and are unsure of what your legal obligations are?

If you can relate to Ms. Jones’ story or answered yes to any of these questions, give BuckettLaw a call and book in for an initial consultation.