BuckettLaw Assists Unfairly Dismissed Worker

Getting Ms. Jones $20,000 in compensation and $13,036 in lost wages

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Employers Take Note

Be Careful When Accepting Mediation

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Refrigerator Engineer Awarded $15,000

and 3 months wages by Employment Relations Authority

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Owners of Asparagus Grower Ordered to Pay

Penalty of $26,000

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Minimum Wage Increases

From 1 April 2021 the minimum wage increases from $18.90 to $20

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ERA Finds Employer Acted Unlawfully

by Ceasing Employee’s Pay Over Lockdown

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ERA Finds Director Personally Liable

For Wage Arrears & Imposes Penalty of $30,000

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Employer Unjustifiably Dismisses and Disadvantages Migrant Worker Over Visa Status

Must Pay $18,000 in Compensation

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Court of Appeal Confirms section 149 Settlement Agreements

Cannot be Set Aside for Medical Incapacity Unless other Contracting Party Has Knowledge

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