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The Redundancy Process Can Be Difficult, We're Here To Help

Helping Employers With The Restructuring & Redundancy Process

We have extensive experience advising & representing employers from a wide range of industries and backgrounds.

Restructuring and redundancy is a common part of the business landscape, particularly in uncertain times.  Whilst no employer enjoys making these tough decisions, they are often unavoidable and it is important that these processes are undertaken in a manner than minimises the risk to your business.

Under the Employment Relations Act 2000, there are specific requirements to fulfil when undertaking a change process such as a restructure, particularly when it results in the disestablishment or redundancy of a role.  Getting this process wrong can result in a costly Personal Grievance and potential damage to your brand.

We can provide end to end support, giving robust advice to move your business to the right ‘shape’, whilst mitigating your risk.  We can assist with timelines, business case creation, supporting documentation and selection matrices.

We hold extensive experience in this area, from a legal and HR perspective, and have enacted many smooth and successful restructures.  Call us today for a confidential discussion on your restructuring requirements.

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