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Mediation Can Be Stressful, We'll Be On Your Side

Mediation On Behalf Of Employees

We don’t believe in a one-size-fits all approach, rather a tailored strategy to meet your needs and objectives.

Please note that statutory timeframes do exist in the employment context – do not delay seeking advice as this may impact your ability to address your dispute

Despite all endeavours to solve employment problems directly between employer and employee, sometimes it just isn’t possible.  Under the Employment Relations Act 2000 the primary problem-solving mechanism is stated as mediation.

Mediation is where an independent person (the mediator) helps resolve an  problem by facilitating a discussion in a semi-formal and confidential environment. A mediator will work to identify the main issues and find potential solutions, aiming for the parties to come to an agreement – noting that no party can be forced into an agreement if choose not to.

Often employers will engage law firms to represent them in mediation, and it can be intimidating and possibly detrimental to go it alone. We have extensive mediation experience with an excellent track record of reaching a favourable outcome.  We work with you through each step to try to secure the best possible result – be it a settlement, exit or change of terms or conditions.

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