COVID-19 Employment Law Update: Spot Checks At Level 3

April 28th, 2020

28 April 2020 – Level 3 Alert: New Work Standards and “Spot Checks”

Good news is we are moving forward. But it’s not a return to business as before COVID-19.

WorkSafe will be doing spot checks and workplace visits under level 3 to ensure that businesses are compliant with level 3 requirements.

The paramount concern will be safety and public contact. Further, staff need to feel safe and protected.

Businesses will need to have a written management safety plan.

We urge all business owners to take seriously the level 3 return to work requirements.

Have a work plan. Demonstrate compliance with that work plan.  Communicate work safety plans to ensure compliance with those plans and to alleviate fears that staff may have.

To get it right call us for help. BuckettLaw can help with guidelines and safety plans. Contact us on 04 472 8600 or at


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