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#Metoo – Combatting Discrimination Digitally | BuckettLaw

#Metoo – Combatting Discrimination Digitally

December 3rd, 2020

Increasingly it seems that no industry or sector is immune from issues stemming from discrimination – from Russell McVeigh to Weta to C1 Espresso to name a mere few, it is becoming harder to hide in the shadows with poor behaviour and practices.

Media has recently reported on a new app for discrimination in the workplace, in the hope that it will help combat widespread workplace discrimination in New Zealand.

Equall is an app that claims to drive inclusivity in the workplace by providing an easy and anonymous way to report workplace discrimination safely and securely in a few steps.  It enables businesses to identify discrimination quickly and take positive action.

The Pros:

People can report any matter of discrimination that was either experienced or witnessed, anonymously using their smartphone.  It is quick, discreet and keeps information in one place.

Employers can access this information and act swiftly.  They are able to see if there is a trend in a particular area or with a particular individual

The Cons:

The concept in and of itself still relies on a degree of trust – trust that an individual will not be negatively impacted by speaking out, and trust that the employers will take it seriously.

In reality – joining the dots will not be terribly difficult – workplaces and teams in New Zealand are on average, not at the scale as they are abroad.  It may result in an element of speculation and ‘whodunnit’ and it may still breed a degree of reticence to use it.

Overall, the app is a great concept – one thing we always tell clients is to keep a log of what is happening, each time that it happens so that when the time comes to raise the issue, there is a clear body of evidence. If anything, a digital version of this keeps the information ready to hand and act upon.

As experts in this field, BuckettLaw can assist in providing clear and frank advice.  Contact us for a confidential discussion.

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